NUOVE REGOLARE PER IMPORTARE IN EGITTO VIA MARE – Instructions of the Egyptian Maritime Transport Sector “Advance Cargo Information Declaration – ACID” from 01/04/2021

Portiamo a conoscenza i ns. clienti della comunicazione ricevuta dalla compagnia di navigazione relativamente all’ Advance Cargo Information Declaration (ACID) chedovrà essere indicato sulla bill of lading a partire da fine marzo
Vi preghiamo per tanto di prestare la massima attenzione affinché lo shipper produca sempre questo documento .


Dear Sir,

Pursuant to the provisions of Article 39 of the Customs Law No.207 for the year 2020 which
introduced a new system regarding the advance registration of the cargo information “Advance Cargo Information – ACI” to simplify the cargo clearance procedures, ensure verification of the guarantees of the importers and the exporters, accept the import of certain types of cargoes or prohibit same from entering the country.

The aforementioned necessitates obliging the importer or his agent to register his data on the
electronic portal of the unified national platform for foreign trade “nafeza” “” then upload the cargo information thereon prior to their shipment to the country for annotation with a preliminary customs registration number “Advance Cargo Information Declaration – ACID”.

Given the directives of the Ministry of Finance towards obligating the importers to apply the ACI system on their shipments on trial basis as of 1/4/2021 whereas the system shall be fully in force as of 30/6/2021.

Therefore, in application of the provisions of Article 39 of the Customs Law No.39 for the year
2020, the Maritime Transport Sector deemed it necessary to notify your kind self to notify, in turn, the carriers, the vessels’ masters, their maritime agents or their representatives that once the system is in force, they will be obligated to register an ACID number together with the shipping documents of the inbound cargoes to the country and that in case the said number is not registered on the shipping documents, these cargoes shall be re-shipped abroad without discharge inside the Egyptian ports and terminals at the expense of the carrier or his representative.


Fonte: Borchard Lines